Feb 26, 2014

Sometimes I Get Some Really Crazy Ideas!

I am sure that you already know by now that RunDisney made the announcement of their newest race, the Avengers Half Marathon Weekend, at the Disneyland Resort in California.  I knew a race was coming and I was really hoping that it was going to be a full marathon since we need one on this coast, right? I have not missed an inaugural Disney race since I started running in 2010 and I think I would feel bad if I missed the Avengers Half Marathon. 

The problem is that I am already registered for the Las Vegas Marathon on November 16, 2014 which is the same day as the Avengers Half Marathon. Could I possibly do both?  Yes, it is possible since the Avengers Half Marathon is at 5:30 am and the Las Vegas Marathon is at 4:30 pm. I could also drop down to the Las Vegas Half Marathon which starts at 3:30 pm to make it easier on myself. There are some other issues though. My other half is supposed to run the Las Vegas Marathon and it will be his first marathon. We would have to make some changes to that plan as well if I drop down to the half. I haven't even told him about these crazy thoughts are going through my mind yet. RunDisney races are also pricey. I think this one is $195.00 plus the fees so that is also something I need to consider.

I should probably be thinking of a plan for the LA Marathon right now but instead I have been occupying my thoughts with the idea of #Disney2LV instead! It's just a thought right now but it does sound like a lot of fun. Registration for the Avengers Half Marathon starts on March 25th so I have some time to think about it.

Anyone else running the Avengers Half Marathon or Las Vegas Rock "n" Roll?

Anyone having the same crazy idea as me (#Disney2LV) or even worse?
I have also heard that it is possible to run the 5K at Disney at well since it is the day before the half marathon!

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