Feb 1, 2014

Why January Was a Good Month

January was a pretty good month for me. Lots of good things happened and I am feeling ever so grateful to have had another good month of running as well.  So why was it a good month?

1) I ran a total of 150 miles! It was a record month for me. I did get some help from January since there are 31 days in the month but I will take it!
2) I won a ton of giveaways and I feel so lucky! I can't wait to run Zooma Napa Valley in June. I think it is going to be a lot of fun. You can read about all of the stuff that I won here.

Speaking of giveaways, you can win an Allied Medal Display from Marcia's Healthy Slice. Head on over and enter!

3)  I was told by two people on Instagram that I inspired them! Some people probably hear these words all of time but it means a lot of me when I hear these words! What a great feeling! I think this is one of the greatest compliments that you can receive as a runner or as a person for that matter. We all have goals that we are chasing but if I can be a part of someone else's success in meeting their goal, that is an even better feeling for me. I hope that these two ladies accomplish great things!

If someone inspires you to do something or to push yourself that extra mile when you feel like giving up, reach out to them today and tell them so! I am sure it will make their day!

Tell me how January went for you!

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