Jul 28, 2014

Weekly Recap 7/21-7/27 and a 5K!

July flew right by didn't it? I am well on my way to meeting my goal of 150 mile for the month and I can hardly wait to get there. I have 10 miles to go!! I wasn't sure how my body would respond and I was definitely ready to back off of the miles if my legs were not happy. I don't want to jinx myself but my legs have held up pretty well but I think I owe the results to my foam roller. Things have sure changed for me since I have committed to foam rolling after my runs!
This week was a cut back week. My body sure appreciated the break. I also threw a 5K in this week to tire my legs out a little bit before my long run. I ran this same 5k last year and it was not pretty so I really wanted to go back and make things right. It didn't need to be a PR but just a decent race where things felt normal. I have a love/hate relationship with 5K's!

Monday: Rest Day from running but did some strength training.
Tuesday: 6 Miles @8:14 avg pace/I went to a different gym and the treadmills are different than the ones that I am used to running on. This run felt really hard and my legs felt really tired for the first two miles. I wanted to quit at Mile 3 but I kept telling myself to just hang on.

Wednesday: Rest Day with strength training.

Thursday: 6 Miles@8:04/I really wanted to run on the roads but it was 102 degrees when I got home from work and there was just no way! I was determined to have a good run after my Monday run was not so great.

Friday: Rest Day since I wanted to be rested for my 5K.

Saturday: City of Cypress 5K (23:43) avg pace 7:37

Sunday: 15 Miles@ 9:19 avg. pace/I made it out the door super early and kept the pace easy. I had cloud coverage for the first 10.5 miles and it was great. The first 12 miles were MGP plus 60 seconds and the last three miles were at MGP.

Total Miles: 30.11

Week three of the Summer Run Challenge is complete and I met my goal for the week! This week I will take the mileage back up a little bit! 

The heat will still be with us here in So Cal next week which makes training a little tricky. I know that I have to stick with it even if it means bringing down the pace and focusing on getting the miles in.

Do you love or hate 5K's?

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