Jul 7, 2015

Training Recap: Week Three (June 29-July 5)

This week was all about balance. I took a few days off of work with the hopes of going to Las Vegas to spend some time with the family but that did not happen. I did not want to leave my Grandma since she has not been feeling well. It is always challenging to stick to the training schedule and balance all of the other stuff in your life but it always comes together in the end.

I also decided on a last minute 10K on Independence Day since we were in town. 10K's are probably my least favorite distance which is why I chose it. I think the last one that I ran was in 2013 and I don't think I have ever ran a race on this holiday because of the summer heat.

Here is a recap of Week Three:

Monday: Strength Training: I am getting more comfortable in the weight area of the gym now but working out with my other half is kind of nice because we spend

Tuesday: Speedwork 3.48 Miles: This week was a little bit harder but I know in the end this stuff is really going to pay off for me. I think the heat has a lot to do with it.

Wednesday: Strength Training: I think squats are one of my favorites but I need to get better at them. I can't lift much but I am determined to get better at it.

Thursday: 12 Miles: This was an easy paced long run so I decided to change things up and run in one of my favorite places. The hills and the scenery were necessary to keep my mind occupied because I knew I was going to be out there longer than I wanted to be. I am really slowing down these longer runs and it can be tough.

Friday: REST DAY

: La Palma Fitness Run for Fun 10K: I wanted to run a race on Independence Day so I swapped out my goal pace run for this event. I definitely did not race this 10k but did run it at comfortable pace (8:09) that was faster than marathon goal pace. It was overcast and humid so I was seriously sweating after this one. It was a small race and most people run the 5k and not the 10K. I ended up placing 2/8 in AG. Gotta love those small races!

Sunday: REST DAY


Independence Day aka "Scare the Crap Out of Dogs Day" was a lot of fun. After the 10k, I went home and rested for a little bit and then spent some time with Grandma and BBQ'd. After Grandma time we spent some time with some other family members and watched fireworks from their front yard since they live near a school that does a firework show.

Did you celebrate Independence Day? If you did, how did you celebrate?

Did you run a race for the holiday?


  1. Great job on your 10k! It was SO HOT here that I about died in our 4 miler! Gosh I felt so out of shape.

    Rykar could care less about 95% of fireworks, it's the weirdest but greatest thing. Thank goodness.

    I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!

  2. Thank you! My dogs don't mind the fireworks either but so many dogs freak out and get lost. I am not sure how you run in the heat but I am kind of getting a taste of it on a much smaller level when I run my track works out in the hihg 80's. I am a wimp!