Jul 13, 2015

Training Recap: Week Four (July 6-July 12)

I think I overdid it with the eating this week so I am getting myself back on track this week. We celebrated my nephew and my other half's birthdays so we were all over the place eating and celebrating with family. 

Here is a recap of Week Four:

Monday: Strength Training: We got to the gym early since I was off work and it was empty! We were able to get a workout in without having to stand around and wait which really helped us keep moving and break a good sweat.

Tuesday: Speedwork (5 Miles): I planned on heading to the track early since I was still on vacation and the weather was perfect but ended up here instead to eat 57 cent pancakes. You gotta live a little, right?

I still made it to the track in the evening in the 80 degree temps. This is my challenging day of the week but seems to go really quickly.

WednesdayStrength Training 

Thursday: 3.65 Miles with Drills

Friday: REST DAY: It wasn't much of a rest day because I ended up at the dentist getting a root canal. I haven't had a cavity in forever but apparently one of my filling cracked without me realizing it and it resulted in a deep cavity. I didn't have any pain or discomfort but good thing I went in for my check up and they found it before it got worse.

Saturday: 10 Miles @9:00: I finally went for a run with my running club. I have missed these people and it felt good to have some company on my run.

Sunday: 3 Mile Recovery Run: I did this one on the treadmill. It had been a while since I have ran on the machine but it was nice to not have to get up early before church to get this one done. Watching the Wimbledon Championship helped the time pass quickly before the boredom sat in.


I have been training with my coach now for a month. He has kept the mileage just where I need it to be in order to stop the hip pain from returning. The next couple of weeks will be a good test for me as the mileage will continue to increase and the speed work will start to get a little harder. I have a 5K coming up soon and I am hoping to see some progress there if the weather is not too warm. I am a wimp and my performance really declines in the heat. 


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  1. Great job! I'm glad you're enjoying the track, warm temps and all. We're kind of crazy for summer training, but think about how awesome winter will feel!