Jul 20, 2015

Training Recap: Week Five: (July 13-July 19)

This was a tough week. My energy level seemed to be really low and I really had to push myself to stick to the schedule. I haven't been sleeping well so training becomes even more challenging when you are lacking the energy you need. The highlight of my weekend was the long overdue rain that we finally received.  We really need it so it was a true blessing!

Here is a recap of Week Five:

Monday: Strength Training: Monday's are always tough but a new week means a new start and I always want to start my week out right.

Tuesday5.06 Mile Speedwork: My legs were super sore from all of the squats that I did the day before so this took some serious mental toughness. It was also 90 degrees when I started so I almost thought about not doing it but the guilt set in and then off I went.

WednesdayStrength Training: I decided not to go to the gym and do a workout at home. I think I did a 20 minute upper body workout and called it a day because I was feeling so tired and my legs were so sore from my Monday workout combined with speed work on Tuesday.

Thursday: 6 Miles at Marathon Goal Pace. This run was not good at all. It was hot and humid and I just had no energy. I took so many breaks and I felt pretty defeated but it happens and we have to move on and hope for better days.

Friday: REST DAY: I headed back to the dentist to finish up this whole root canal process. This whole process has been stressful and expensive. I am so done with it. I have one final visit and hopefully I never have to go through this ever again!

Saturday: 14 Miles: I was able to run with my running club again. They had 11 miles on their schedule so I ran a few more miles by myself in the end to get to 14. I had a good run. The route is mainly rolling hills but I enjoy the change since I don't have a lot of hills to run near me. We got caught in a downpour around Mile 9 but it did not last long. It was really refreshing and we really need the rain because the drought situation is pretty bad here in Southern California.

Sunday: Strength Training: This was supposed to be a rest day but my Wednesday workout was so not great that I decided that I needed to make it up today. 


I am a little nervous about the upcoming week. My speed workout will be 7 miles and up until now I haven't done more than 5 miles of speedwork. Those workouts are the most challenging for me but I plan to hit it hard and give it my best effort. 

It is doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you, right?

Did anyone hear about the situation/cancellation of the Revel Rockies race in Colorado? What are your thoughts on the situation?
I am registered to run another one of their events in November and the whole situation made me really nervous since all of their race require bus service to get to the start. I am curious to see how they deal with the situation and with all of the unhappy runners.

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