Jun 29, 2013

Weekly Recap (6/24/13-6/30/13) and How I Survive the Heat on My Long Runs

This picture pretty much sums up my week! This is the biggest reason why I hate training for a winter marathon. I am not a big fan of the treadmill for anything over 6-7 miles but I am sure that I will spending a lot more time with the beloved dreadmill to beat the heat this summer!
I had a decent week with the exception of the heat and I am trying to get my mileage back up again in hopes of squeezing in another marathon by the end of year. Here is how my week turned out.

Run #1: 7.5 miles@ 8:46 on the TM: Had to stay late at work to attend a City Council Meeting. Since I live 40 miles away from work, I left work at my regular time and drove to the gym which is about 4 miles away from my office. I got my run in, took a shower and then headed back to work. No excuses, right?
Run #2: 7.5 miles@8:29. I got my first taste of the early morning heat on this run. I wanted to get a run in before we headed to Disneyland and at 6:00 am it was already 70+ plus degrees out there.
Run #3: 15 Miles @ 9:15I planned this run for Saturday morning, as you can see above it was a hot day! Sunday was supposed to be even hotter so I stuck with it, but it was not easy and was probably one of the toughest runs that I have experienced in quite a while. The temperature was 73 when I started and was 84 by the middle of the run. I kept the pace easy because I knew if I didn't I wouldn't be able to complete the planned 15 miles. I drank some chocolate milk after my run and it hit the spot!

Next week I am shooting for a long run of 18 miles at a faster pace but if the heat is still a factor then I will definitely be taking it easy!

Total: 30 Miles

How do you survive your long runs during the summer months?
I map out the shadiest routes I can find, wear sunscreen at all times, wear the least amount of clothes that I legally can and stay hydrated. I even have my spots wear I stop to refill my water bottles. I get some crazy looks when I walk in all sweaty and beet red! Here is one of my spots where I always stop to refill my bottles. Can you guess where this is at? I will give you a hint...it starts with Mc..
If you run your long summer runs on the treadmill, what is your record distance on the mill?
My record distance on the treadmill is 13.1 miles


  1. Those temperatures are crazy (and I thought it was bad here!). Be careful when you do go outside, that's all I can say. Ugh! I tell myself it will make me tough for Chicago. :^)

  2. I've done lots of indoor miles, but I'm not sure of my longest. But I would much rather be outside doing those long runs in the heat with friends than by myself on a treadmill! There is happiness in group suffering!:)

    And awesome job on your runs this week! Nailing all of them! And I love he color o your Garmin!

  3. Long run......yeah that is 3 miles for me now...
    Seriously I would stay inside I think....too hot here now

  4. I know it's HOT, but I'm looking forward to (mostly) dry heat again - my longest TM run is probably 3-4 miles. I can't stand being on there any longer and am way to ADD for such things! I can't believe you've done a half marathon on a TM. Props, lady!