Apr 26, 2012

The Physical Therapy Saga Continues.....

Negative Nelly (that's my new name) over here has not been able to run since Saturday!  My hamstring issue seems to be much better but now my darn shin is acting up.  I definitely prefer this shin splint over the hamstring issue since it only lingers for a few days versus a few months!
So I went to physical therapy this morning and found out that my PT is out on medical leave. I guess she is pretty sick but they didn't say why so I didn't ask.  I hope she is okay. Just when I was starting to get comfortable with her, I get the news that I have a new PT (her boss, Joan.) I was telling Joan about the weird pressure feeling that I have been experiencing in my left shin when I run and she is almost certain that it is a shin splint issue.  She suspects that maybe I have changed the way that I run to compensate for my injury.  I think she might be right. She did a little trouble shooting and decided that today would consist of H-Wave therapy, heating pad on the shin and then some strengthening exercises. I did no treadmill running at physical therapy today which was a bummer. I feel so fat lately!
After the H-Wave and heating session, I did a few strengthening exercises. I had to wear this device on my foot that resembles a skate with a weight on the bottom.  Remember the skates that you slipped your shoe into and they adjusted to your foot size? This is what this contraption reminded me of.

So now the plan is to work on strengthening my calves. I can continue to run (Thank God!) but if the problem continues I have to go back to PT. My next appointment is in two weeks which is supposed to be my last and final appointment. I am looking forward to the end of this physical therapy thing and getting back into running.  It looks like it is going to be a very slow recovery process for me. 


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  1. Ah, the ups and downs! Yesterday my back hurt like crazy. Today....it's almost....pain-free. Sigh. As long as the ups are getting longer and more frequent than the downs, we'll be OK!!