Apr 5, 2012

Three Things Thursday

  1. Had a Great Workout! I had such an inspiring workout on Tuesday!  Although my usual workout is really boring and includes the whole speed walk and jog thing, I took it up to another level and it felt really good!  I actually jogged two whole miles (without the walk break) at 5.8 on the treadmill. I didn’t want to stop because I felt good and was actually breaking a good sweat! Nothing was hurting but I was already pushing it so I had to bring myself back to reality and turn it down to 4.0 and walk it out for a couple of minutes.  I am hoping to be able to maintain this same pace for the remainder of the week and get a little more mileage in this week. I needed this encouragement as I head to an Expo to pick up my goodie bag for a race I will not be able to participate in on Saturday.

  1. Vacation Time Starts Tomorrow!! Today is my last workday for the week and I will be on vacation until Wednesday!  I am kind of excited because I feel like I need a little break.  I didn’t realize how the whole “not being able to run thing” has impacted my life.  The moment I feel like everything in my life is going okay, the whole running thing pops into my mind and just makes me sad.  I am looking forward to spending time with my family and maybe taking a little road trip.  Easter dinner is traditionally at my house but this year I am breaking that tradition because I need a break from all the cooking and cleaning.  I really want to try this amazing Easter Champagne Brunch at the Queen Mary in Long Beach but it’s incredibly pricey ($59.95 per person) but sound really good. Maybe once I get back to running I can give it a try because after putting on two pounds last week, it’s probably not a good idea!! For those of you who are from California, have you ever tried this brunch at the Queen Mary?
  1. I Am Still Waiting on My Final Grade! I am still patiently waiting for my final grade to see if I will finally have that Master’s degree!! The professor told us that we would find out some time in mid April but I was sure hoping that I would find out sooner than that.  I look for my grade everyday but it still says “RP” which I think means "Report in Progress."  I guess the students are given this as a temporary grade until the final grades are posted.  HURRY UP ALREADY!! I sure hope I passed!
 Have a great weekend!!  Any special plans for Easter Sunday?

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  1. I'm working nightshift on Saturday night (7pm to 7am) so when I get off work on Sunday, I am going to sleep and then do Easter lunch/dinner with Tappan's family. Can't wait!

    OH and I think I'm going to run the OC marathon!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we please meet up there if you end up doing the half? I'm going to be in California with Tappan for work and figured I'd run a race while out there!