Mar 27, 2013

Is My Back, Back?

My back was feeling a whole lot better yesterday so I couldn't wait to get home from work to run a few miles. The pain I have been experiencing is in the lower left part of my back and I only feel it when I turn my body to the left or sit for long periods of time (like my hour plus commute home). I do not feel any pain when I run but I am sure that running probably aggravates it. I have to say that I am proud of myself for not running for an entire 4 days! Of course I thought about it everyday and I was tempted to but I kept my eye on the prize and didn't do it!
I have also been finding ways to keep myself busy and distracted from running. All I have to do is hang out with my kids and somehow we end up in dangerous places! In case you are wondering who ate the biggest was me!
I have been in panic mode for the past few days thinking that another marathon is not going to happen for me. I have the option of dropping down to the half marathon but I really don't want to do that if I can help it. I really want to run this race but at the same time I have to be prepared for it both mentally and physically.

So how did my run go? Well, since I don't feel the pain when I run it is hard to say. I took it really easy and averaged about a 9:26 pace and now it is kind of  wait and see what happens.  I feel fine this morning but we shall see how the next 24 hours go.  I am keeping my fingers crossed but if the pain returns, I am going to be a huge mess stop running and re-think this.
In other news, my laptop decided that it likes to stay in "blue screen mode" and of course my warranty just expired! Isn't it great that things always decide to take a crap right after the warranty expires? I called HP to get some help/support with the blue screen issue and they basically wouldn't even talk to me if I didn't give them my credit card number and allow them to charge more that I paid for the laptop!  It might be time to look into that MacBook I have been lusting after for the past two years!
Thank you to everyone who has been so nice and supportive of me and my 10,000th injury! So many have asked how I am feeling and have sent encouraging thoughts my way. I really appreciate it :)

Anybody ever have the "blue screen" computer problem?

PC or Mac?
I have an iPhone and an iPad but not a MacBook.That's weird!


  1. I'm so glad it sounds like your back is doing better! Keeping my fingers crossed that the pain will stay away. Sorry about your computer.

    1. I am bummed about the computer too since I am going to either spend money to get it fixed or buy a new one. My back is much better. Thank the Lord!

  2. I'm so glad that it seems things are better with your back!!! I hope it continues that way for you! I've struggled with back pain fun!! We have a PC and a Mac but I find myself using the Mac a lot more! Good luck and please send that pizookie my way!!!

  3. Pizookies are sinful but amazing! They are the best thing to drown your sorrows in when you are on a running break! I have been wanting a Mac for some time but have been holding off since they are pricey.