Apr 9, 2013

Marathon Training: Week Five

This week was supposed to be an easy week for me coming off of a 20 mile run last Saturday and a 35 mile week which is more miles than I usually run. I ran the Hollywood Half Marathon on Sunday which took the place of my 14 mile long run for this week.

Here is a summary of Week Five:

Run#1: 7 Miles at 8:53 pace.

Run #2: 7 Miles at 9:12 pace.

Run #3: 13.25 Miles (Hollywood Half Marathon) at 8:25 pace. This course was not easy and the hills kept me on my toes! My goal pace was 8:30 and I stayed on track for most of the race. 

Total Miles: 27.25 

My back is feeling a lot better and I was able to run my half marathon last week at an 8:25 pace without feeling any discomfort whatsoever. Yes, I am smiling as I say that! My legs are feeling pretty good as well and I have been pampering them with the new foam roller that I bought. The foam roller works miracles for my legs so I make time to do it. My dogs get way too excited when the foam roller comes out and they try to lick me to death!
I will be picking things up this week and shooting for a longer run this weekend. I hope the weather is as great as it was this past weekend. Ragnar So Cal is less than two weeks away and I am getting excited about it! It will be my first relay so I am anxious to get my feet wet with a relay.
I have to start getting all of my stuff together and need to do some shopping for all of my snacks. I have all of the supplies that I need to run the relay (as demonstrated by my son in my Hood to Coast application.) If you haven't had a chance to see my application, you can find it HERE. I think I need to stock up on Watermelon nuun too! I am neglecting all of the other nuun flavors at the very moment! Sorry...

Did you have a great week? What are your running plans for the week?
I think I am going to shoot for a 18 mile run on Saturday or Sunday depending on the weather.


  1. Foam rolling with pets is quite an adventure!

    1. Yes it is! They think it is time to lay with me and play!