Apr 22, 2013

Marathon Training: Week Seven

With all of the chaos and tragedy in Boston, running just did not feel the same to me this week. I did not focus on pace or really care about how fast or slow I was moving. I just felt grateful to be able to run and needed to get out to process everything that has taken place. My mind was so preoccupied with the events in Boston that I just ran. I ran with a free spirit and just got lost in thought about how many lives have been changed as a result of the senseless acts of violence. Boston is my ultimate running goal and I just wish that this memory did not have to be a part of it. I know that I cannot let the actions of this person/group of people change my feelings about running but it just makes me beyond sad that this has affected something that I love so much.  

Week 7 was pretty much dedicated to Boston and this is what I did for Boston this week.

Run #1: 7.00 Miles @8:38. The first 4.09 miles of my run were dedicated to Boston. The 4:09 miles symbolize the time on the race clock when the first explosion occurred. 
Run #2: 4.25 Miles @9:22. Boston was still heavy on my mind and heart so I thought a lot about it on this night run. I feel so badly for the victims who lost their lives and were severely injured. WHY?
So Cal Ragnar Relay Legs 10, 22, and 34! (Ragnar Relay) 12 miles: I will do a separate post to talk about my adventures as a Ragnarian which took the place of my long run this week.


I will get things back on track this week so I have to start mentally preparing for it. Tonight after work I  plan on joining a group of other runners for a Tribute Run for Boston.

Happy Earth Day!


  1. Great job this week Sandy! I can't wait to hear about Ragnar.

  2. Isn't it great to have running to lose yourself in? Especially when the world has turned upside down :(

    Great job getting out there!

  3. Great week, can't wait to hear all about the relay. So glad the Boston bad guys are dead and caught.

  4. Losing ourselves in the run is truly the best feeling. It isn't always about pace, more so about effort. xoxo

  5. Great week - I can't wait to read about your Ragnar experience!

  6. Nice job!

    At the SLC marathon Saturday, there was a group of people that waited to cross the finish at 4:09 in honor of those that couldn't finish, and remembering the victims. It is great to see everyone coming together to remind us of how much good is still in the world.