Apr 18, 2013

What is in my Ragnar Bag and Plans for team "Runners High."

I don't mind packing my bags to go on a trip but I have to admit that I really dislike unpacking! Having said that, I promised myself that I would not over pack. I also had to keep in mind that I am sharing a van with five other people and they need some space too! I looked at a lot of packing lists for Ragnar that are floating around and I think I have everything I need. I also have water and snacks that I will be bringing with me and I might bring my pillow too. 

We were lucky enough to have two great companies sponsor our team. Our team captain was able to get her husband's employer to cover the costs of both of our vans and the fuel! Lucky us! We are also blessed that one of our team members is employed by BJ's Brewhouse and was able to get a donation from them as well. We plan on using the money to eat and celebrate as a team once we finish the relay. I plan to sleep on the way home, since we will have a long drive back from San Diego, and then be in full celebration mode when we return home. I am going to miss my boys since they will not be able to come and cheer me on.
I don't think we are dressing up but we did order custom shirts with our team name (Runners High) and team member and volunteer names on them. Our team reserved a hotel at one of the major exchanges so we will be able to rest and shower while Van#1 runs their second legs. Based on the average pace of the team, my second leg, which is only 2.2 miles, will happen sometime around 12:30am. I am a little nervous about the night run but since it is short it should not take me very long to complete. In addition to my reflective vest, safety light and headlamp, I bought these socks to keep me more than visible at night! Can you tell that I am a little nervous about the night running part?
It's been pretty crazy these past couple of days trying to get the last minute details in place. We also lost two of our runners at the last minute and had to replace them ASAP. One of them is injured and the other one never showed up for the team meetings or responded to any of the team captain's email, texts or phone calls for some reason or another. We do know that this person is okay so I am not sure why there was no response. 

I am feeling really nervous and excited about my first relay and I can't wait for the fun the begin! We are meeting up at 4:30am to take some pictures and head down to Huntington Beach. Our team starts at 7:00am so be watching for my tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram posts. I will be using the hashtags #socalragnar2013 and #teamrunnershigh to keep you updated on our progress. 

Anybody else going to be out there running So Cal Ragnar? Good Luck!

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