Mar 9, 2012

Do I need a Pain Pill or a Chill Pill?

I started to feel some pain last night so I was starting to regret that three mile run I went on yesterday. So what did I do? I did lots of stretching, icing, popped 800 mgs of ibuprofen and I prayed! Usually the pain does not appear until the next day so the fact that it appeared so soon was a huge disappointment.

So I woke up this morning and guess what?  NO PAIN when I stepped off of my bed!  As I started walking around my bedroom I did start to feel a little bit of pain but nothing like I have felt in the past so I was pretty happy about that! I also noticed some soreness in the back of my left hamstring, quad and calf too;nothing in my right leg though.  Good thing I took the day off of work to study for my big exam tomorrow because I have been icing and babying my leg all day!  I will be overly thrilled, joyed, and bouncing off of the walls if I wake up pain-free tomorrow!

Tomorrow is another day we will see what happens.  I am super duper nervous about this big exam tomorrow because we don't really know what to expect since it is a cumulative exam of the entire MPA program!  All I know is that I have to pass all three exams or no degree for me! I am not sure what I need more right now... a Pain Pill for my leg or a Chill Pill to calm myself down for this exam tomorrow!

Well, I better back to studying so wish me luck with my recovery and my BIG exam!


  1. first Good luck for your test!!!!!
    make sure you get some sleep, it is important!

    and no pain...that is great!!! very happy to read this!

  2. I hope the exam went well!!

  3. Hope the exam went great! Hooray for no pain!

  4. I bet you aced your exam, congrats on being done with it!!! I'm sure it's such a relief...

  5. I am so excited everything is going well with your easing back in :) and I'll always take a chill pill, but I tend to overreact! lol