Mar 16, 2012

A Meltdown, H-Waves and an Extension!

I was feeling pretty bad this morning about going to PT.
I guess I am just sick of being injured and not being able to run!
The pain is still lingering and the fact that the
LA Marathon is this Sunday did not help.

Today was the day for my re-evaluation at physical therapy.
The results would determine if I would need to continue 
with the physical therapy or not.
My PT will be running the LA Marathon this weekend.
All of the patients know about it and she was telling them
how great her training is going and how excited she is.
Great...just what I needed to hear.

My PT was asking how I was feeling and I told her I was frustrated.
I told her that I know that I am better but not 100%.
I told her that as long as I can't run, I don't consider myself better.
She started talking to me about the healing process..blah blah blah
and I had a meltdown!

I explained to her that it has been five weeks and I am done!
I even told her that perhaps I was misdiagnosed and something
more serious must be wrong.

Legally she cannot discuss my MRI with me and I have to consult
my doctor but she disappeared for a moment and then returned.
I am pretty sure she took a sneak peak at my MRI because
she told me that my diagnosis was correct and that I would be 
running soon but just need to be patient.
Soon, what does that mean?  A year?

She did lots of PT things to me today that she doesn't 
normally do.  Today she gave me a massage, ultrasound therapy 
and this..

It's called H-Wave and it's a form of electrotherapy.  It's supposed to
help with pain and healing.  I thought it was weird how it made my
leg jump around! It made me feel like it was working!

I think my PT felt sorry for me so she extended my treatment
for another 8 weeks because she said that she wants to see me
running before she sets me free!
The plan is alternating jogging and walking 
on the treadmill.
The highest speed I am allowed to do is 5.0!
That's some serious speedwork so watch out!

I have my last big exam to complete my degree this Saturday!
I will be so glad when it's over.
On Sunday, the LA Marathon will be broadcasted live so
I will be in my bed crying on Sunday at 7:00am in case you need me!
( I know, I'm such a complainer...I promise I will stop soon!)


  1. oh Sandy..I am so sorry... I get it though..I hope all goes well for your test tomorrow..
    I took a nasty fall today...I may be on the no running list for a few days..I hope not...

  2. Aww, I'm so sorry!! I too won't consider myself better until I am running again, so I totally understand. And one of my good friends is running the Canyonlands Half Today and the Big Sur Marathon next month--she's a wonderful person, but it's so hard not to be jealous. Not mention all the people training for Boston.....

    Our turn will come! I'm glad your PT is being compassionate. I'm sure she understands since she is a runner too.