Mar 26, 2012


After a three day weekend it is so hard to get back into the work routine.  This weekend was a pretty lazy weekend since I pretty much stayed home and kept an eye on my pups. I did sneak off to get a much needed pedicure and I think having nine toe nails is actually a record for me.  I am usually missing at least two and in the process of losing a third.

Buster is back to normal and feeling much better. I even let him lay in my bed with me for a nap and now he doesn't like his dog bed anymore! I am going to be in trouble for allowing him on the bed!

On Sunday morning I hit the road before the rains came and did my little speed walk/jog routine outdoors. It felt good to not be on the treadmill and get some fresh air instead of that wonderful smell of the gym!  I had no hamstring pain but I did feel some pressure in my left shin.  It eased up after a few breaks and I took my chances and kept going. In the end, I put in 4.45 miles and broke a little sweat so I was happy.

I was thrilled to see my weekly report from dailymile since I finally got some miles on the books. Of the 20.42 miles, 16.42 of those miles are my speed walk/jog routine.  I know that I am way off from achieving my goal of 1200 miles for the year but glad to be doing more than I could last month. I am happy to see any kind of progress these days. I have a physical therapy session tomorrow and I am looking forward to getting my H-Wave therapy.  I swear I felt better after I had it for the first time. The things I look forward to these days...

Did you do anything exciting this weekend?  Have a great week!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I haven't had a pedicure since my's been a while! :)

  2. Buster looks so sweet! Great job hitting 20 miles this past week!

  3. things are looking up!
    This last weekend I ran the very hilly Race for the cure and I got my race packet for the hollywood half in the mail..very nice shirt!

  4. Woohoo some outside miles, so excited for you :) Your patience is paying off!

    I had a pedicure the other week, it was a nice treat. Somehow I haven't lost any toenails, but there is one that hurts a little, maybe it's on it's way out?

  5. That's wonderful about your outside miles! And you're very brave to get a pedicure. I love them, but I'm too ashamed of my toenails. :^)