Mar 29, 2012

Ultrasound Therapy or H-Wave Therapy?

I had another physical therapy session today and I have two sessions left over the next month. Since I am making progress, I will now be going every other week. Today I did my strengthening exercises, speed walked/jogged 1.11 miles for 15 minutes and then had my beloved 15-minute H-Wave therapy/icing session.

This is my second session of H-Wave therapy and I really feel like it has done me some good.  I had the ultrasound therapy for the first five weeks of physical therapy and I am convinced that it did nothing at all for me. I have had a couple of comments from my small group of faithful readers who stated that ultrasound therapy did not work for them and they wanted to know if in the end it worked for me.  I am have to say "NO," it did NOT work for me. Each of us are different so it may work for you but I did not see any results. My PT also told me that if it was helping, I should have noticed something by week five.

Even though I am able to speed walk/jog these days, I still feel some sort of discomfort and not so much pain like I was experiencing when this whole nightmare first occurred. According to my PT this is normal as long as the minor aches and pains subside within a couple of days and do not get worse. 

I was given the go ahead to lessen the amount of time speed walking and increase the jogging time and the treadmill speed to 5.2! Although it is not where I want to be, I am thankful that I am making progress and able to do just a little more. There are days when I just want to get out there and go for a long run and those are the days that are the most difficult.  It's much easier to talk myself out of it these days because I have made some progress and I don't want to give that back!  I just can't do that!


  1. You are gradually "graduating"! Great work! I know how tedious the PT exercises are.

    Which reminds me....better go do mine....

    1. Thank You Terzah!! Now Go do those exercises!!

  2. I am a new follower, but know you GOT this...sounds like you are doing an amazing job!