Mar 1, 2012

Downgrading and DNS#3 on the Way!

This is where I hang out on Thursday mornings!
It is Week #4 of physical therapy and my PT seems to think that I am getting better.  Although the pain is mild when I am doing nothing it hurts a little more after any type of cardio workout of  20 minutes or longer.  I have no pain during my workouts but it's the next day that reminds me that something is still going on in there. I talked with my PT today and she told me that it is normal for me to feel pain after a workout and as long as the pain goes away and doesn't get worse than I should be fine.  She increased my workouts on the elliptical from 20 minutes to 30 minutes today (WOW) and I actually broke a little sweat.   Check out the few drops of sweat on my shirt!! It was pretty exciting to see some sweat!! Weird..I know.

I am registered for three races in the next couple of months and I have decided to downgrade from a full marathon in May to just a half.  It took me a while to make the move and login to the website to make the change.  I felt like I was giving up when I was doing it but I think my chances of running a half marathon are probably better than tackling a full marathon so soon!  So that means no LA Marathon on March 18th for me either!  I am not sure what is bugging me the most. If it is the $155.00 that I paid for the LA Marathon or is it just the fact that I can't run it?? In any case, it's not happening this year... DNS#3!! I am hopeful that I will be able to run a half marathon in April so I am keeping my fingers crossed. 

I think I am slowly (very slowly) coming to terms with all of this and realizing that the more rest I give this leg the faster it will heal!  I am trying to see the positive side of this whole injury me I am! 


  1. Oh how frustrating...I wonder if they'd led you defer to next year, without charging you a fee? But then if you did that, then you'd probably end up being just fine, you know how the world works...

    Regardless, great job with the resting and I hope you continue to heal up!

  2. improvement....that is good...right.
    LA...will they let you defer...a big race like'd think they do...

    Hollywood Half posted today that the hill is back on the course and the finish will still be at Universal Studios...was on their Facebook page.