May 17, 2012

I'm Going to Be a Grandma!!

I have the best vet in the whole wild world!  She does so much to help animals and does so much work on her own time and dime! She has saved so many animals from being euthanized and does all the vet care at a local no kill animal shelter pro bono. She is an incredible lady and I am so glad that she takes care of my babies too!  I have to pay for her services but it's good to have your pets being cared for by such a wonderful person who is in a career that she truly loves.

We took Sugar in tonight to see if she was pregnant and yes, she is.  Dr. K looked at me and said "You are going to be a Grandma!" 
Sugar was not on her best behavior tonight so she had to wear a muzzle to keep her in check while the technician took her temperature.  She also growled at Dr. K a little but she put Sugar in her place and she knocked it off.  

Dr. K thinks that Sugar will deliver the puppies in a couple of weeks.  She gave her an ultrasound and saw at least two puppies with their little hearts beating.  She promised to find homes for Sugar and her puppies if I agreed to take care of the puppies until they can survive without mama.  Deal!  I have never seen a dog give birth before so this will be a first for me!  I am nervous and anxious all at the same time but I am so glad that I am able to help a stray dog like Sugar.


  1. That is super and even more that you can help Sugar and her pups.

  2. wow! this is a great thing you are doing!!