May 8, 2012

I'm in the Newspaper!!

Well kind off...

 I am not the "Tustin woman finds her high at OC Marathon," but I am the blurry figure in the background with the blue tank and shorts about to pass the poor guy on the ground!  I remember passing him and feeling really bad that he was so close to the Finish and had to go down with cramps. I thought this was pretty funny (not the poor guy on the ground) and probably the closest I will ever get to being in the newspaper when it comes to running!!

Have you ever been in the newspaper or kinda/sorta like me?


  1. You're famous ;)...and you're totally looking strong too!!!

    And PS, I'm sad we didn't get to meet up. Margot and I grabbed a last minute dinner at the Newport Brewing Company because we didn't get settled in until sort of late (like 8pm). I was too anxious about the marathon to follow through with planning something. But next time I come to California, we def need to plan something :)

    1. Don't even worry about it! You had a long drive in and I figured you needed some time to prepare for that amazing PR you pulled off!! You should have been in the newspaper!! Hopefully you will be back soon and we can meet up and plan a get together.

  2. You look totally amazing lady! I'd have put you on the front page. TOTALLY! xoxo!

  3. Looking strong famous lady! I used to be in the paper for sports when I was in high school quite a bit...always with the best look on my face of course! My parents used to get the prints and put them up in the house. Now we have a bunch of pics of me as a catcher or sliding or heading a soccer ball...classic!

  4. I was able to pick my self out of the 1000s of runners at the start of the Little Rock marathon. It was a large color photo in the Newspaper the next day. I kept the paper.