May 24, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Happy Thursday to everyone!  Just wanted to share a few random things with you today...

1. I saw this story in the local newspaper, The Orange County Register, and thought that this was such a unique and original way to propose.  Many people spotted them and thought it was some type of photo shoot for a magazine but it was the real deal.
2. I was organizing my closet last weekend and realized that I have more running clothes than work clothes! I even had to move some of my clothes over to the closet in the guest bedroom so I guess it's time to stop shopping!
3. I got brave and registered for a 10K.  I have never ran this race before and decided that I will give it a try.  It's just want I need right's small, local and only $30.00. 
It's going to be a five day weekend for me!  I am looking to getting caught up on my sleep!  It has been a stressful week!   
What are your plans for the Memorial Day Weekend? I don't really have any plans other than the 10K. We are kind of stuck at home for a while until Sugar has her pups!


  1. Running a half on Sunday...then beach time hopefully! That proposal is so precious!!

  2. Must be 10k season. I'm planning on a 10k for my next race in June.

    Memorial weekend will see me heading to Disney World with the family for a week. Talk about marathons making you tired.

    I need some more sleep myself. Good luck to the both of us on that! Have a great (5 day) weekend!

  3. Hi! Our only plan for the weekend is tonight's Preschool "Graduation" and a hike on Monday with my husband. (Our anniversary is Monday!) I'm looking forward to a little sleep too. I'm so glad you signed up for a race. :^)

  4. Good luck racing this weekend! That's a really neat way to propose.

  5. I almost signed up for that race....and today I decided it is best to skip it and be ready for Fontana half on Saturday
    hope it will be fun!!

  6. what a beautiful proposal. enjoy your race Sandy!!!!

  7. and look at how many tags there are hanging up there! Have fun shopping!

    Great job on your 10k also, woohoo! I find it a hard distance to race.

    1. Thank you Christy! I love shopping for running clothes. I really need to stop!!