May 3, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. I tried nuun for the first time this week and have been experimenting with it on my boring treadmill runs.  The Strawberry Lemonade flavor was pretty good so I think I have found a new form of hydration that I really like.  I also to try the Fruit Punch and Grape nuun too. If I am able to run the OC Half Marathon on Sunday, I will be using it to hydrate.

2. The OC Half Marathon is still up in the air!  I am about 60% "yes" and 40% "no" right now.  My runs have been going really well but mentally I am not sure if I have the confidence to get out there yet.

 3. I will be busy avoiding my favorite local cupcakery for the next couple of days to make sure that I do not indulge in these special Cinco de Mayo cupcakes! I love the Mexican Hot Chocolate!! Cupcakes would be best after a half marathon and probably not before, right?

Who is running a race this weekend? What is your favorite post race treat? What is your favorite flavor of nuun?

1 comment:

  1. Nuun: my favorite is Fruit Punch. I also like the Orange one. I take it a littl more diluted to avoid reflux. I tried it on races and it does give me reflux at times so now I use it before and after. I drink it almost every day.

    This weekend....well I am supposed to run the 10k at Cinco de Mayo race BUT I entered the Giveaway for OC half marathon. If I win I am going to the OC....with YOU I hope. I would do it for run and as my leg 1 of BCC instead of my leg 3 like I had planned. So I will know tomorrow when Katherine announces her winner.

    Post race treat: Lucky Lemon smoothie from Juice it up!