Aug 21, 2012

"Damien and Dexter"

My son has been such a mess since our Brownie and Spot left us on Monday that I had to text their new owners and ask how they did on their first night without us.
I was told that they did great and have new names. They are now known as "Damien and Dexter." The Siberian Husky in the picture is named "Diablo" so I guess they wanted all three of their dogs to have names that start with the letter D. My son is not happy about the name changes but I think the picture they sent us gave him some comfort.

I got a little teary eyed looking at the picture because I miss them a lot.  I think I made the right choice and I still have a link to them through my vet so I can check to see how they are doing. 

Are you a super animal lover like me? 
I am probably a little over the top and tend to treat my pets like they are people. My co-workers think that I am crazy for taking in all of the strays and raising these puppies.


  1. Very cute and I'm sure it was hard but sounds like they have a great new home...of course, I'm a super animal lover too! :)

    1. I miss those two boys like crazy but feel like I made the right choice. I know you are a super animal lover for sure! You amaze me with the things you do. Thanks for stopping by.