Aug 15, 2012

I Think I'll Keep My Full-Time Job!

I have a new found respect for woman who stay home to take care of their children and their households!  It is no easy job and many people think that women who do not work outside of the home have it easy. I know for a fact that this is not the case. I have always worked full time so I  have no first hand experience on how tough the job really is but I have seen other women in action.
While I was in South Carolina visiting my sister, I was able to witness what a tough job "stay at home moms" really have. My sister does everything for her household because her husband works to provide a majority of the financial support for the family and she believes that taking care of the house is her job. She also works part-time on the weekends so she never really gets a day off.

My sister gets up when the baby gets up, takes care of him, feeds both of her kids breakfast, takes care of the dog, plans out the meals for the day, washes the clothes, does the shopping, cleans the house, irons and starches all of her husband's Navy uniforms, pays the bills, takes care of the yard, bathes the kids, cleans up the messes that the baby makes, bathes the dog, and on and on and on. I was exhausted just watching her do all of these things. She rarely sits down to take a break and goes to bed kind of late. She never got stressed out or complained about doing any of these things. I helped her out with what I could while I was there because I felt bad watching her perform her juggling act. I told her that I really respected her and that I think I have it much easier working a full time job!  

Hats off to all of the moms who stay home and work their butts off!! I really respect all of the woman who have this "full time" job. I don't think I will ever let anyone get away with saying that stay at home moms are lucky or have it easy because they work just as hard as moms who work outside of their homes.

Are you or have you ever been a stay at home mom?  
I have always worked full time but have still remained active in my children's school events as much as possible.
Was your mom a stay at home mom?  
My mom either worked part time or did not work. She raised four girls and in my experience so far, girls are a bit harder to raise than boys.
What do you think is the toughest part of being a stay at home mom?  
I think the toughest part of this job is establishing a schedule that works for you and finding the time to fit it all in and still have time for yourself.  Raising small kids can be time consuming and if you do not have a good support system you could end up getting burned out if you don't take a break for some "me time."  I think we all need that time!


  1. well this is for me!!!

    I am a full time parent.
    My mom was one.
    I used to think that she had it "easy". I am so ashamed of myself now.
    It is the hardest thing I have ever done. I used to be an engineer. It is easier to work outside the home for sure. Oprah used to say being a full time parent is the hardest job in the world!!! I never thought I would stay home, it was not my plan...but I also did not think I would live here in the US. I miss my job. Before running I had completly lost myself..I was someone's wife and mother but I was not Caroline anymore. That is very hard. There was zero me time. I was dead last on the list...after the dog.

    1. I completely see where you are coming from. I love my children but I just can't see myself staying home after I have worked all of these years. I know it is tough and I know you have your hands full plus you find time to run. You are a super woman!

  2. I work part time which I believe gives me a nice blend of working and being home with the kids. I can't imagine staying home full time, okay I can a little. It is hard work and truly a full time job! I think the hardest thing would be finding time to socialize in the adult world. My mom always worked three days a week like I do.

    1. I think I could do the part time thing because sometimes I do get burned out getting up early and going to work everyday. For the most part I work 4 days a week so that is what keeps me sane. Social time is a hard thing to make time for when you have a busy schedule.

  3. I have the utmost respect for your sister. It sounds like her plate is quite full! My mom stayed at home with us until we were both in school and then she went back to work full time as a nurse. I work a full-time job from home and nanny part time and I can't imagine being a mom on top of that.

    1. My sister is a busy woman! Working from home would be a dream for me and now that my son is getting older I think that it would be more manageable. My sister has a 7 year old and a 14 month old so she is pretty busy. Being a nanny must be a cool experience. Many people really enjoy it and get so attached to the kids they care for.