Nov 1, 2012

I'm Getting Hit On At Work!

Happy belated Halloween! Yesterday was a fun day at work for about 2 hours because we had a Halloween luncheon which included raffles, a costume contest and a taco lunch for $5.00. All proceeds benefited Community Health Charities and the United Way. I work in local government and they are a very giving City to say the very least. There is usually a theme each year and the event is usually organized by a different department in the City. Since we are short staffed this year, they kept it on the small side but it was still a lot of fun!

The lunch was so healthy yummy and we returned back to our desks in food comas.  There is always food in City Hall and if you are not careful, ten pounds will suddenly appear on your hips. It happened to me the first couple of years that I worked here but I am thankful that it happened to me because that weight gain is what got me into running back in 2010.
I usually dress up every year just because it is fun. I wanted to have a unique costume so that I  could win the costume contest so I my husband made my costume. I got the pinata idea from several costumes on the Internet and also from Janae and then I gave it my own twist. I don't wear dresses to work so I opted for the pants version of the costume. I also added the rope around my neck for the fun of it!
I bought a long sleeved black shirt and used a pair of black leggings that I already had in the closet to create the costume. The only down side is that you cannot wash or re-wear the clothes once you glue gun all of the streamers on. You can also use fabric glue or double-sided tape if you want to remove the streamers and still be able to use the clothes.
The costume was a lot of work (for my poor husband) but I wanted to do something different this year and the prices of costumes were outrageous. I spent about $20 on all of the supplies to make the costume (streamers, pinata stick, black shirt and glue sticks) but it took 2 days to put it all together. My husband is a perfectionist and can make anything you give to him so I put him to work! He did a great job and I told him that he is now officially in charge of making my Halloween costumes.
My co-workers loved my costume! I carried a pinata stick and a rope with me as  props and I did allow my co-workers to "hit on me."  The man in the top picture is my boss. I hope that he doesn't really want to hit me with a pinata stick!
All of the time invested into making my costume paid off because I actually won something this year! I won for the "Most Original Costume." I won a free casual dress day and a gift card to Cold Stone Creamery. Hooray!

My daughter, younger sister and my niece came over to go trick or treating with us in the evening and I wore my costume to go trick or treating with the kids. The pinatas multiplied since they liked mine so much but apparently they opted for the sexier version of the costume.
My son dressed up as some type of scary, silver skeleton. He picks the craziest costumes every year and most of them are really scary.  The poor kid can barely make it through the night in his own bed but wants to dress up as something scary every year. I am not quite sure what that is all about??? He comes into my bedroom almost every night telling me that he hears noises or that someone is at the window!
After trick or treating for about two hours, this is what will be tempting me for the next few days!! I have zero self control so this is not going to be easy! Good thing Pile on the Miles starts today so I can come up with a plan to burn off all of the Halloween candy.....

How was your Halloween? Did you dress up? Did you go to a Halloween Party?


  1. Very cute costume! You look great!

    1. Thank You Missy! I had a lot of fun wearing it and everyone thought it was very unique and cute!

  2. love love love the costume!!! you looked fantastic!

    1. Thank you Caroline! Everyone really liked it and thought it was unique. When I took my son trick or treating, many people wanted to take a picture of me. I got way too much attention!