Jul 2, 2013

Goodbye June and My Plans for July

Aside from the major goals that I have set for 2013, I like to come up with mini goals on a monthly basis. Here are some of the goals that I want to accomplish in the month of July:

1) Start using my bike trainer! My other half set it all up for me so now all I have to do is hop on and get going!

2) Choose a marathon to run! I am all over the place with this one. I see so many posts of different marathons that everyone is running and I want to run all of them. Here are some of the ones that I am seriously considering at this point: 1) Big Cottonwood: I love the course   2) Ventura is local and happens to fall the day after my birthday and 3) Long Beach is local and I really want redemption from 2011. I am not sure what to do! My intial thought was to run a marathon on my birthday but since it falls on a Saturday it is hard to find one.

 3) Cut back on the sweets and treats. I have been loving me some Rice Krispie Treats, cupcakes and chocolate covered raisins and I think it is starting to take it's toll.I would really like to be five pounds lighter before my next marathon but I am not good at dieting and probably never will be. I love to eat!
4) Run more than 140 miles this month. My record miles for a month currently stands at 140 miles.

What are your goals for July?


  1. Great July goals, love the clean eating.. that is my idea of it too :)

    My july goals are mostly about building a good base and not overdoing it and reinjuring my quad!

  2. I just got a bike trainer yesterday for my birthday! I am gonna try it out today. I love being outside on the bike during the summer but I am positive that this trainer will come in mighty handy during the winter months! Good luck with all of your goals!