Jul 14, 2013

Weekly Recap (7/8/13-7/14/13) and My Plan for Selecting a Marathon

This week we caught a small break from the heat and even got a little bit of rain. It was still humid out there so my runs were confined to the indoors again but my long run was done outdoors of course. This week I pushed myself a little bit on my shorter runs to get myself ready to push the pace in my upcoming 5k on July 27th. I definitely forgot what a 7:30 pace feels like..yikes! My quads are definitely getting a run for their money on my cross training days. I can really feel it but I like it!

Monday: Cross Trained at the Hotel Fitness Center: 30 minutes on bike
Tuesday: 7.2 Mile Tempo on TM@8:21 pace

Wednesday: Push ups (3 sets of 10) and a crappy plank (1:10). I need some work in both of these areas! It has been a while!

Thursday: 7.5 Miles on TM@8:29 pace

Friday: REST DAY

Saturday: 20 Miles@8:28 pace. This was a tough run for me! I kept the first 7 miles easy and then I pushed myself the last 13 miles. I avoid obsessively looking at my Garmin and just try to run by effort. I know that I will never make it to Boston if I don't step out of my comfort zone to see what I am capable of. Boy was I was feeling it after this run. I was wiped out for the rest of the day and my legs were feeling it too. They were fine the next morning with no soreness or pain. Next week I will take it down to 15 miles and slow the pace way down.
Sunday: Cross Training Day: 30 minutes on the bike trainer


Now about that marathon...This week I will try to decide on my next marathon or whether or not I will even run one this year. I am not looking to BQ this year since I cannot run a time that will guarantee me a spot for Boston, 2014. I am really looking to run some courses that I think are optimal for qualifying for Boston in 2015. I would rather run the course to familiarize myself and then decide which one is best to attempt a BQ. I am kind of nervous to just show up and blindly attempt it. I am weird like that. I want to know what I am getting myself into and I think I will be more confident if I am familiar with the course. I am almost 100% sure that I will run the Mountains 2 Beach marathon again in May, 2014. I think I have a good chance to BQ there if I train properly. I like the course and I know what to expect.

How was your week?

 How many miles was your longest run?


  1. You did awesome on your long run!!! I think getting into Boston this year is going to be VERY hard considering...good plan for 2015!!

    1. Thank You Nancy! I have bog doubts for Boston 2014 so I don't want to push the BQ and then not be able to run.That would be pretty disappointing for me. I will be patient!

  2. Great job on the long run! It is so hard to not keep looking at your watch on a long run. I found that audiobooks really helped me zone out and made the miles fly. I think the longest run I did was 23 miles. or maybe 22, I can't remember now. It always seemed crazy to me that all my plan called for was 20. those extra 6.2 miles just seemed like a really long ways!

    1. Tell me about it! Those last 6.2 miles are the worst and always will be for me. I don't think I will ever figure them out! I have been trying not to obsess over the Garmin so much but I cannot live without it!

  3. You're amazing. 20 miles @8:28! That'll get you to your BQ quickly.

    1. Thank you Christy! I hope to get it one day!