Jul 8, 2013

Weekly Recap-7/1/13-7/7/13

This week was a challenge for me as I wanted to get all of my runs out of the way early on in the week since we had plans for the weekend.  I am also excited that I actually started riding my bike this week since I really need to get better with cross training. The weather was still incredibly hot this week so I will be stuck on the treadmill a couple of times a week but my long runs are always done on the road regardless.

Monday: 7  Miles on the TM @8:58 pace

Tuesday: Cross Training Day: 30 minutes on the bike trainer

Wednesday: 7 Miles on the TM @8:58 pace

Thursday: REST DAY

Friday: 18 Miles @8:44 pace. I had a much better run than last week. The weather was about 10 degrees cooler and overcast for the first 7 miles. It warmed up towards the end so I had to bring the pace down in order to finish without feeling too exhausted.

Saturday: REST DAY and ROAD TRIP WITH THE FAMILY TO SIN CITY. I will do a separate post to talk about our trip.



Next week I am planning on a 20 miler if the weather allows for it. I am thinking about heading out to the beach or a much cooler place to get my long run done. It has to be done because I know that until I run a decent 20 miler, I won't commit to another marathon.

How was your week? Are you struggling with the heat like I am?


  1. Man, you ramp up fast when you ramp up! :^)

    I hope it was a good trip. I had to get my runs in early, too, due to our camping trip last weekend. Summer is like that!

  2. The trip was great! I took a little break from running, slept in and relaxed. Once in a while we need to do that to feel refreshed. The heat was not so great but we survived :)