Jul 28, 2013

My Weekly Running Report-7/22/13-7/28/13

I think we kind of got a break from the heat this week. I mean mid 80's t low 90's is much better than 95-100 degrees!
I was a little concerned about running this week because I stepped on a rock and my heel has been pretty sore for the last week. It does not hurt a lot when I run but I notice that when I first step out of my bed in the morning it hurts the most. Having said that here is how things went this week.

Monday: REST DAY- I really needed  a rest since I did not sleep in at all last week. I think I was up by 5:30 am every day last week and I was feeling it. My body was screaming at me to give it a break so I did by doing absolutely nothing except for a few push ups with my son.

Tuesday: 7 Miles @8:25 pace

Wednesday: Cross Training Day: 40 minutes on the bike trainer

Thursday: 6.64 Miles (One Hour Easy) @9:02 pace

Friday: Another REST DAY since I was running a 5K the next day.

Saturday: 3.12 Miles@ 7:41 pace (City of Cypress 5K)

Sunday: 6.50 Miles @10:08 pace. I ran the first 5.15 miles with my other half and the last mile or so on my own. I was pretty disappointed about my less than stellar performance at my 5K so I skipped my long run. I just wasn't in the mood and my mind wasn't it in. I needed a break and the easy miles felt nice. 

TOTAL MILES: 23.26 Miles
I am going to make next week a better week. So many things happened this week that just kind of killed my spirit and made me sad. They are not related to running but just other family stuff that distracted me from staying on track with my life in general. I know that I need to get back into it a positive state of mind. That will be my goal for the week.

How was your week? 
Hopefully it was much better than mine :)


  1. So sorry you had a tough week. Thank heavens we have running to center us right? Hope your heel is better and things at home settle for you soon.

    1. Thank you Marcia! I am so thankful that I found running even though it stresses me out every once in a while. My heel is a lot better too.

  2. I'm sorry about the bad week, too, Sandy, but it will be better this week.

    1. Thank You Terzah. I am determined to make it better!

  3. Glad you got a break from the heat this week!