Aug 1, 2013

July Rewind

Another month has past and before we know it Thanksgiving will be here and then Christmas will sneak up us on too! July was a good month. I ran a decent amount of miles and I also started riding my bike trainer to get some cross training into my routine. I am actually really enjoying riding my bike and I am up to 45 minutes now! I bought a Garmin speed/cadence sensor so I can track my mileage on the bike and that makes it even more fun!
I had some great weeks and then I kind of fell of the wagon during Week Four after my ugly 5k. I skipped my long run and didn't make July record month as I had hoped for. There is always next month so I am hoping to reach a record month in August.
I ran a total of 127 miles in July and during my best week I ran 35 miles which is probably as good as it gets for me. I am not a high mileage runner and always try to stay under 40 miles a week since I am an injury prone runner! I also ran a 5K that I really don't want to think about anymore but you can read about it here.
So what does August have in store for me? The Disney Dumbo Double Dare starts on August 31st and I will be running the 10K followed by the Disneyland Half Marathon the next morning. I am kind of excited and nervous all at the same time for this one! I haven't set any goals for these races yet. I might just run them for fun since it will be a lot of miles for me!
I am still up in the air about my next marathon but I can tell you that registration for the Mountains 2 Beach Marathon opened today and I am definitely registering for this one! I love everything about this race and I think this is the race that I have a big chance to get that BQ!

How was your July? 

Did you reach any new goals or earn any PR's?


  1. July was a busy month and I only had one race that was a 5K. Neither of us PRed but we had a good time and it was for a great cause!

    Good luck with Dumbo Double Dare this month!

  2. Oooh anything called Dumbo Double Dare sounds FUN!! Go August :)

  3. July was terrible in the running world for me, but in the life world waas awesome. August is my chance to get my act together again. :)

  4. July was pretty good to me, way better than June. Good luck with the Dumbo Double Dare that sounds fun!

  5. I had a great July with a 5k PB (my horrid 5k race was in June! LOL). good luck with Dumbo!