Aug 11, 2013

My Weekly Update-8/5/13-8/11/13

The Disney Dumbo Double Dare is right around the corner. I don't even have a plan or a goal. I really need to start thinking about it. I can tell you that I will take one of the two races easy since I don't want to get injured pushing myself too hard. I always get nervous about that.
This week was decent. I feel like I am back on track and my long run was great. I wish they all went this well! Long runs never get easy but I feel that my endurance is improving and I don't finish feeling completely exhausted in the end. For me it is all mental. If I talk myself through it then it seems to go much better. 

My other half is still committed to his half marathon and is doing really well. I let him lead when we run together so that he does not feel pressured to run at any pace other than his own. I follow his pace and it helps me to start out easy and actually warm up. He improves on every single run! I am so proud of him. 

Monday: Cross Training Day: 45 minutes on the bike trainer (11 Miles). I am not too concerned about the miles when I ride my bike but I focus more on cadence.

TuesdayREST DAY. I had dinner at my friend's house and it was good. Yes, I did finish all of my food. It was YUM! Those are chicken enchiladas buried underneath all of the that salsa verde, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and avocados.
Wednesday: 7 Miles@8:54 pace on the treadmill. My first run of the week always seems to be the hardest. I laid down on my bed for a little nap and it was so hard to get up and head to the gym but I knew I had to.

Thursday: REST DAY

Friday20 Miles@8:47 pace. I ran the first 3.25 with my other half @9:42 pace and then we parted ways. I felt bad leaving him but my long run needed to be a fast finish long run today. After we parted ways, my first mile was @ 9:22 pace and my final mile was @ 7:42 pace. He ended up running 6.4 Miles@ 9:29 pace. 

I was bored with my normal route so I took a totally different route and I really liked it. It was kind of challenging for me but the time flew by and the weather was great. I felt really good and just ran without being a slave to my Garmin. I seem to run much better that way. I also like to change my routes every once in a while for safety reasons.
Saturday Cross Training Day: 45 minutes on the bike trainer (11.5 Miles)
Sunday: Miles: 5 Miles with the family@9:39 (my son rode his bike) and the last 3 miles alone @8:23, 7:41 and 6:58.) I seem to have an amazing amount of energy when I start at a slower pace and then pick it up.
TOTAL MILES: 35 Running and 22.5 Cycling and lots of icing, foam rolling and using my Stick!
How was your week?

How often do you change your running routes? 
If you don't, please do for safety reasons.


  1. You are doing so well with your training, it always encourages me!! So cool that you exercise with your family, what a great example you are setting for them!

    1. Thank You! If I can encourage just one person that makes me happy. You are doing awesome with your training especially with a little one to take care of. Keep pushing yourself and never give up!

  2. Wow, what a great week! I'm glad you're feeling good and enjoying runs with the husband. My kids are out of town until next Tuesday so my husband and I will get to enjoy some runs together, too--I'm excited about that. He's joining me for the last few miles of my 16 miler on Saturday--I'll be so spoiled after that.

    1. I am sure it will be nice to have some running dates together. I am kind of getting to the point where I don't want to run anymore once he finishes and I have to keep on going. I have to careful with the way that I think :) Have fun on your 16 miler. I only have 15 on the schedule this weekend so I am looking forward to an easier week.

  3. You are really rocking your long runs! I'm impressed that you can change up your course/elevation and still have such an incredible overall pace.

    Where did you find that cute graphic at the top? May I borrow?? :]

    I plan to run the 10k probably at a slower pace than the 1/2, now that I have a tight IT band. I'm sure you'll rock them both.

    1. I found the pic on Instagram and someone shared it so others could use it so go ahead. I sometimes do better on my runs when I am exploring new places. I don't get bored and just keep moving along. I am definitely going to take at least one of the races easy at Disney. I am thinking the opposite of you. Push the 10k and easy on the half. I know it will be hard for me since I have ran the Disney half since 2010 and have PR's every year. I have to be smart though! Hope to see you there.