Aug 26, 2013

My Weekly Update: 8/19/13-8/25/13

What a hot week we had here in Southern California! We did not catch a break at all this week and it looks like this week will be no exception. I know I should not be complaining about the weather because in some parts of the US it is 90 degrees at 6:00 am! I am not sure how you runners do it. I would be dead!
I was not in treadmill mood this week but had to run on it once this week since it is easier for me to stick to a goal pace on the treadmill. Here is a summary of my week.

Tuesday:6 Mile Night Run @8:25 pace. It was not in the mood to run on the treadmill so I decided to run outside in the 88 degree heat. The first three miles were tough but I caught a good breeze on the way home and was able to pick up it up a little. It turned out being a progressive run (9:30, 8:43, 8:32, 8:16, 8:05, and 7:22) that I did not plan on so I will take it!
Wednesday:Cross Training Day: 45 minutes on the bike trainer (11.50 Miles). My quads were feeling pretty tired but I pushed through it!

Thursday:7.25 Miles on the treadmill. Warm up and Cool Down@10:00 pace and 6.25 Miles@ 8:00 pace.

Friday: REST DAY

Saturday22 Miles@8:41ish pace. My Garmin decided to act up so I am not really sure what my actual pace was since I had to reset my watch one I realized it was not longer picking up my pace. In any case, my strategy for this run was to run the first 5 miles easy, miles 6-15 as close to marathon pace as possible and then miles 16-22 with a fast finish. I wanted to keep the pace better than 8:30 the last 7 miles but the heat started getting to me and I knew that it was going to be rough if I pushed too hard. I was close enough.

Sunday:UNPLANNED REST DAY. This should have been a cross-training day but I skipped out on it and ended up at the Happiest Place on Earth instead. Our passes are finally unblocked and my son wanted to go so I figured that walking around Disneyland for hours could possibly be counted at cross-training.

Total Miles: 35.25 Running and 11.5 Cycling 

This weekend is the Dumbo Double Dare and the plan is to keep it easy this week. I feel like I am ready to commit to Marathon #4 but need to get some last minute arrangements together before I can commit. I might have some marathon news for you soon!!

Did you have a good week? What was the most exciting part of your week?
I think the trip to Disneyland was mine!


  1. I think your heat has made it to Chi-town as we are sweltering! I think I may surrender to the mill tomorrow. Have fun at the DDD!

    1. Thank You! I think the DDD is going to be a lot of fun!