Aug 18, 2013

My Weekly Update: 8/12/13-8/18/13

This week was a cut back week for my long run so it was kind of nice since the weather is back to the 90-97 degree range. It looks like it will be a little bit cooler next week which is nice since it will be time to increase the long run again. 

Tuesday: 8 Miles on the treadmill @8:17 pace. It was my first run on the treadmill in my new pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire's so I had to make it a good one. I almost didn't get up out of my bed (for the second week in a row) to make it to the gym but that little voice in my head reminded me of how I would feel if I skipped my run!

Wednesday: Cross Training Day: 45 minutes on the bike trainer (11.50 Miles)

Thursday: 7 Miles on the treadmill@9:03 Pace

Friday: REST DAY

Saturday 15.54 Miles@9:00 pace. This was not a great run for a million reasons but if you follow me on Instagram I listed my top 10 reasons as to why it was not so great. Thankfully I was able to convince myself not to give up and to keep going in spite of how I felt. These types of runs are the worst but they teach us how to fight through difficult situations and pull ourselves through to that finish line!

Sunday: Cross Training Day: 45 minutes on the bike trainer (11.50 Miles)

Total Miles: 30.54 Running and 23 Cycling 

Next week I will attempt the big 22! I am going to map out a new route for this one, most likely an out and back so I can't cut it short! I haven't ran further than 20 miles since May of this year when I ran my last marathon so I am kind of nervous about it!

How many miles was your longest run this week? How did it go?


  1. My longest run was 23km which is probably about 14 ish miles? It went great, I enjoyed it and finished feeling like I could have kept running - I always think that is a sign of a good run.

    1. Great job on your long run! It just gets easier and you start to build your confidence. Keep training hard!

  2. Great week!!! My longest was 13 this week...went well given I did it on a Monday afternoon!

    1. Thank you and Great job on your 13! Half marathons are my favorite distance!