Oct 18, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. I received notice on Monday that my loan was approved but contingent upon me providing them with 10,000 documents.  There seemed to be some issue with the bank doubting that I actually live in the house I am refinancing. The truth is that I am currently renting out the condo that I used to live in  but my driver's license still has that old address on it.  I did change my address with the DMV but it didn't make sense to pay $30 for a new license with my current address on it since it doesn't expire for another four years. Not to mention that $30 could be used towards a race entry, right? Anyway, I provided  the 10,000 documents they requested and they cleared me so now I am just waiting for the final audit and a closing date. I can't wait to see that mortgage payment go down!
2. My performance evaluation seemed to go pretty well.  My boss prefers that I do most of the talking which includes what I have done, what I am doing and what I have planned for the future. My raise is retroactive and it was due back in September so I will have a little extra plus a raise on my next paycheck. I am excited but I promise to control myself which means I will not visit the Lululemon website nor will I open the emails they send me every Tuesday morning!

3. Exercising has not been going so well due to my decreased energy level. I came down with what I thought was allergies on Monday and it just progressed into this horrible sneezing and runny nose mess which I am now calling a cold. I am still confused as to whether or not I am sick or not but I have been doing my best to avoid people so that I don't get them sick! I haven't been sleeping so well at night so I am pretty beat by the end of the day. I had zero energy on the elliptical on Tuesday and thought about quitting a thousand times but hung in there.  If I take my body to the gym I am going to try to best to make it worth it! This cold also stopped me from attending a get-together with a fellow blogger/daily miler that I have really been wanting to meet because she is the sweetest, most humble and not to mention speediest thing ever! I hope I have another opportunity to meet up with her really soon!

Have you had the chance to meet a fellow blogger or Daily Miler? 
I have only met one blogger/daily miler and she is the nicest lady in the world! I have meet some others from Daily Mile who I run with on a regular basis. I feel like I know lot of bloggers since we communicate often and know all about each other's lives!


  1. you made a mistake in your post..YOU are the nicest one....You are the one who took ME to the airport at 5 am in the morning...remember? I do!!!

    I am so happy your review went well! congrats on the raise!!! did you know we have a Lululemon in town?....it is on Daycreek in the center where Henry's is.
    I have not been but I know it is there.

    1. I heard about it a few months back but I think it is a showroom and is only open Friday-Sunday. I think is smaller version of their stores and carries a limited selected. I have not been there and probably shouldn't go!

      No mistake, you are the nicest! I am up at that time anyway so it made sense for me to take you. Taxi's make me nervous and more than anything I would have been wondering if you made it safely to the airport or not.

  2. I really hope you aren't getting sick. Congratulations on the raise! That's great!

    I have been very fortunate and have gotten to meet 7 other bloggers and they have all been the same in person as they are on their blog which was really nice. It's great to be able to put a voice with the face and the name.

    1. You have met lots of bloggers! You are lucky! I really want to meet some other bloggers so that I can place some faces with names.