Jun 19, 2012

Father's Day Dinner with Spongebob and a Weekly Recap!

This weekend was really busy and exciting all at the same time.  Other than getting new road bikes, we enjoyed a great Father's Day dinner at Benihana. I think my son enjoyed it the most and our chef was great. The restaurant was super busy and it took longer than expected to be seated, but I guess that is to be expected on a busy holiday like Father's Day.  We were starving by the time the chef showed up but he was pretty entertaining and we had a great time.  I won't bore you with all of the food that I ate but I have to share some of the highlights of our dinner with you. Yes, I forced my son to put this hat on and pose for a picture!
Have you ever seen this corny creation at Benihana? I had not and neither did anyone else at our table so this one was the favorite of night! The onion volcano ain't got nothing on Spongebob!  My son loved it and he enjoyed the dinner show! Notice that Patrick is in the picture too!
We talked a lot and laughed a lot and we had a great evening. The chef kept the jokes coming throughout the meal and we were stuffed.  I don't think anyone at the table finished their food. We all wore some shade of blue for some unplanned reason or another but I think the colors made for a nice photo.
 I love the green tea ice cream and even though I was stuffed, I saved some room for just a few bites!
As far as my running last week..I did not meet my goal of 25 miles but did happen to get 20.52 miles on the books. I was planning to run on Father's Day but it just did not happen so I have to get back on track this week. I am also excited to say that I did reach 400 miles for the year. I am still way behind on hitting my goal of 1200 for the year but I will take what I can get right now!

Are you a fan of green tea ice cream?  What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
I think my all time favorite would have to be mint chocolate chip or just plain chocolate chip.

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