Jun 24, 2012

A New Home for the Puppies

The puppies turned three weeks old yesterday! They have changed so much in the past week and continuing to grow and do new things all of the time. Their newest thing is escaping out of their bed and looking for mama! They are also learning how to walk around. Their walk is not yet perfected but they are no longer slithering around. 
We had to relocate them to a new set up in order to keep them safe. Their previous home was the laundry room but I was afraid that they would start to wander behind the washer/dryer and I didn't want any accidents. So this is there new home for now. We had to put the sheet up since Sugar is too mindful of Roxy and Buster (my other two dogs) and barks like crazy is she can see them.
The puppies are also becoming more vocal and trying to bark when they want their mama. Sometimes when we pick them up, they let out these little growling noises. They sound so cute. They all have their own little personalities and the two smallest pups are always together and love to sleep together.
They are getting so cute and I am trying my best not to get too attached to them.  


  1. They just seem to get cuter and cuter as they get bigger!

    1. Yes and they are starting to develop their own little personalities!