Jun 16, 2012

I See You!

The puppies are two weeks old today!  Puppy #2 and Puppy #3, the two biggest pups, had a big surprise for us this morning! Their eyes were open! I can't really tell what color their eyes are but they look kind of bluish. Now that they can see, they just look at me like I am crazy when I hug, kiss, and talk to them.
Puppy #1 and Puppy #4 haven't opened their eyes yet but we are thinking that their eyes will open any day. The puppies have grown so much in the last week, and they all weigh a pound or more. You can see how much they have grown in the photo below.
Sugar is doing great and eats like a horse! She is starting to give the puppies a little bit of freedom and is spending less time in the bed with them. She feeds them every few hours and then lays beside the bed when she is done. She is also less protective of them and allows us to handle them without getting upset. The plan is to start weaning the puppies when they are 3-1/2 to 4 weeks old so we can start preparing them to go to their new homes. I get sad thinking about letting them go but I know that it is not realistic to keep 7 dogs!! 
Aren't they just adorable?


  1. They are adorable! I've only been the recipient of a puppy; never been part of the process. How cool, but wow, how difficult it must be to part with them :(

    Good luck!

  2. It is going to be tough parting with them :( All of us love them!