Jun 9, 2012

Puppy Update: Week One

Thank you to everyone who has asked how the puppies are doing and all of the comments on how cute they are.  They are so adorable and I love them to pieces already. I use the daily bedding change as my opportunity to hold, pet and kiss each one.
The puppies are a week old today and they have grown so much in seven days!! They are trying to open their eyes and they can slither around pretty well. Sugar is exhausted but is taking her daily calcium pills and they seem to be helping her handle the nursing a little better. The bottle feeding is not going so well, in fact is was a failure! The puppies are refusing the bottle and definitely prefer their mommy! We have been trying to give Sugar some time away from the babies since they eat constantly when she is with them. They actually sleep for 2-3 hours straight when she is away from them so we know that they are not as hungry as they like to make Sugar think they are.

Here is a little update on the puppies:

Puppy #1: Current Weight is 10.870 ounces! Her nose is no longer pink and is now black just like Sugar's.  The little pads on her feet are also changing color.

Puppy#2: Current Weight is 12.995 ounces and he is the biggest to date! He is obviously the most aggressive with the food supply so we have to keep an eye on him to make sure that he shares with his brother and sisters. He is also the biggest cry baby. He doesn't like it when I pick him up and give him his daily hug and kiss!

Puppy #3: Current Weight is 12.620 ounces. She is the calmest of the bunch. She loves to cuddle up with her sister and brothers. She is always yawning and trying to open her eyes.

Puppy #4: AKA Brownie: Current Weight is 10.910 ounces and he is the least aggressive of the bunch and usually sleeps close to mama. We have to help Brownie find the milk most of the time so that he doesn't lose any weight and stays healthy. He is the only puppy that we have given a name due to the fact that he is the only puppy that is not white like Sugar.
As I have mentioned before, I have an awesome vet who is helping me place the puppies once they are able to be without mama. She called me to tell me that she may have a home for one of the puppies already. I am happy but sad at the same time because I am already getting attached to them. I am lucky to have such a great vet who is helping me out.  I also feel secure that the puppies will be going to good homes since I know that she would not give them to anyone she did not feel comfortable with.
This is one of my favorite pictures!
This is a full time job but so worth the experience.  I am so glad that we made the decision to care for Sugar and her puppies.


  1. That's a really sweet picture of Sugar and Brownie! Glad to hear all of the pups are doing well and growing!

    1. I love that picture too! Brownie loves to be with his mommy. He's a little mama's boy :)