Jun 21, 2012

Three Things I'm Loving This Thursday

Here are a few things that I am loving lately!  

1. Instagram/Photo a Day June: I think I am starting to become a huge fan of Instagram. I guess I am a picture person. I would rather see a photo and a few words than a bunch of words without a visual. I guess it's just my preference which is why I rarely, if ever, do a post without some type of photo to go along with it. I am also participating in the "photo of the day" for June and I have not missed a day yet.  I am kind of having fun with it and really keep track of what the theme is for the next few days. 
2.Strawberry Sour Belts: These are my favorite candy of all time! I usually buy them from the candy stores in the mall and they are not cheap! I think they charge anywhere from $11.00-$12.00/lb.  I recently found them in the bulk section of grocery store for half the cost and have been going kind of crazy. I haven't had any this week but I will be out in that neighborhood tonight and you better believe I will be refilling the stash!
3.The Poor Man's Pool: Our neighbors on both sides of us have in-ground pools so my son has been wondering when we are getting one too!  I don't see one coming anytime soon so he settled for an above ground style but he actually loves it so I love it too. It's pretty decent in size (18 feet wide and 48" deep) and will allow for some swimming this summer. I call it the "poor man's pool" even though it cost $600.00. It takes over 6,000 gallons of water so we are going to be filling it up today.  I can barely wait to see my water bill!! The little boy who lives next door, who has an in-ground pool, saw us putting the pool together from his window and came right over.  He told my son that our pool is way better than his because his only cost $40.00. I thought it was very cute! Kids say the craziest things! 

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Have you tried Strawberry Sour Belts? Love them or hate them?
Do you have a swimming pool? In-Ground or Above Ground?


  1. sour candy of any kind is the way to go. give me sour punch straws, sour patch kids, pixie sticks, whatever and i am one happy girl!

    1. I agree! Sour belts have the sweet and the sour all in one so that's why they are my favorite! They have a ton of flavors but I am afraid to try them because I might end up loving them all!

  2. We had a 'poor man's pool' growing up and it was the hit of the neighborhood. I'd love an in-ground one now but our summers are so freaking short and the upkeep would put me in the poorhouse!
    Need to try those belts--yummy!

    1. I would love an in-ground pool too but they are just so darn expensive! I think the one we have now will do until we are able to upgrade! You have to try the sour belts. You will be addicted!