Jun 1, 2012

Mid Year Check on My 2012 Goals

Most of us have Running Goals that we are constantly striving to meet but there are a few that stay on our running radars.  As for me, I haven't met any of my goals this year due to my injury. There are seven months remaining in 2012 so I am trying to remain positive/optimistic that at least one of my goals will be met. Me, positive? I know.  Positiveness is something that I have been lacking the last four months or so.  I am definitely trying to move away from that attitude and I am sure that it will fade away as my running improves.
The main goals that I want to remain focused on in 2012 are as follows, but in no particular order:

Goal One:  Run 1200 miles.  Right now I am at 239 and I should be at 500.  Not so good, right? I am hoping to put in at least 100 miles a month from this point forward so this year may be more like 950-1000.

Goal Two: The BIG ONE....Qualifying for Boston. This one is probably not going to happen this year since I have no marathons lined up to get me there! CIM is still weighing heavily on my mind but I am 90% sure that I won't attempt it this year. I have a few other marathons in mind but no solid decisions as of today. Boston is going to have to wait for me a little while longer.

Goal Three: Run a Sub-Four Marathon.  I think I need to accomplish this one before I accomplish Goal Two, right? I think there is a chance that this could happen later this year if I am feeling marathon ready. If not, it will definitely happen in 2013!

Goal Four: Run a Half Marathon in under 1:47. I feel most confident about this goal.  My half marathon PR is 1:47:43 so I am about 44 seconds away from accomplishing this goal. The only problem is that I need to work my way up to an 8:09 pace at this distance. Right now I am no where close.

Goal Five: STAY INJURY FREE! I blew this one big time! I think this injury has taught me: a) how to be a smarter runner b) to listen to my body and c) to take a few days off when things don't seem 100%. I get it now. Believe me, I do!!

How are your 2012 goals coming along? How do you hold yourself accountable to the running/fitness goals that you set for yourself?

One of the most important things for me is to set goals that are realistic and achievable. Blogging and logging all of my workouts are great ways of holding myself accountable for my goals. I log all of my workouts in Daily Mile, whether they are crappy or great. You can follow me HERE!  Checking my progress keeps me on track and puts me in check when I am falling behind or losing focus.


  1. great set of goals, Sandy.....and they look pretty acheivable to me. Considering your PR at both the half and full marathon distance, I think you'll be hitting those goals in the near future.

    I like to keep myself accountable (I also use Daily Mile, as well as Running Ahead...and a log book.....and an Excel spreadsheet), as I feel it helps to keep me on track. I try not to obsess when I "fall behind", and instead try to take the long-range view.

    So far, I'm pretty much on track for 2012...I, too, am hoping to run between 1100 and 1200 miles this year, up from 1025 in 2011. As of today (458), I'm right on pace for 1100 and about 10% behind on 1200, but as I'm about to start into a training cycle for my next marathon, I'm probably going to get closer to the 1200 goal. My primary goal, however, is the same as your #5....stay healthy! Once you get hurt, the mileage/time goals kinda go "bye-bye" for a while, so I gotta go with health first!

    Here's to blogging, staying accountable, and supporting each other in our efforts!

    P.S. Like what you've done with the redesign of your blog!

  2. I like your progress report! I don't think I set any goals for 2012 per se (lucky thing given what's happened, huh?). But I think you've inspired me to make some now that (I think) the injury fog is lifting a bit.