Jun 2, 2012

It's Time!!

Sugar starting panting around 9am this morning. She let out out a few small yelps and then shortly after Puppy #1 was born.  Puppy #1 was born at exactly 9:38am this morning.  Thus far we have only have one baby but Puppy #2 is trying to make it's way into the world as I am typing this post. Sugar is a great mom and knew exactly what to do! It was quite an experience and a sight to see!
I will post an update once all of the puppies have arrived!!  We are thinking that maybe there are 3-4 puppies total.


  1. Aw cutest thing ever!! Animals are amazing how they just know what to do.

    Love your new blog design by the way :)

    1. Thank You Lisa!! We have two puppies so far and I think there may be 2 more! The poor mama is already tired but hanging in there.

  2. this is amazing!!!!